Monday, September 15, 2008

Ghost of a good thing

Today has been a day.  Had a lunch meeting today with Pastor and Jared.  Then hung out with CJ for a bit!  Love that guy. 

Had a lot on my mind today, and I can't figure out why?  This summer has been up and down.  I broke off an engagement with a girl I had been with for three years.  Youth group has grown and is still growing.  Few other things happened as well.

I thought I had gotten over this, but for some reason today while driving in my truck, all of the feelings and thought's came rushing back, and I started to weep.  I have come to a conclusion that the way I feel will be there no matter what I do.  You can't help the way you feel, or can you?  I have done all I can, tried and tried, and even went out of my way.  I just wish I could move on.  But maybe there's a reason why?

Well need to finish some home work.  Have a good night all who read this.



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