Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Season, brings change!

It's FALL!!!!! I love this time of year!!!

Well it's been over a week since I have posted, and oh boy has a lot happened since then.

When I last wrote things were not so hot in the ministry. How ever God has turned around this youth group in such a amazing way! I am really excited for our fall retreat! I believe God is going to do great things in the lives of our students!

On another note the Cubbies lost again in the first round. I just don't understand it. Best team in the National League and they still can't win a game. GRRR Oh well there alway next year...ha

Have a ministers meeting this Thursday and Friday. My first one! Kinda exciting but also going to be boring. Then we hav revival all next week! Im excited for what God is going in our church!

Well Im out like the Cubs in the playoffs!!!




Amandaya2112 said...

hmmm I remembered you telling me to check this out so I now am. In response to your comment I'm so glad that your youth services went the way it did last Sunday. I've been really praying that God would do an amazing turn with the kids. I say that because I know that it wasn't you at all; It wasn't something you were doing or not doing as a pastor. The kids have a choice to come or not to. Like I've said before, they have to work it out with God to why they don't come. Whether they physically couldn't or simply because they had no drive to. But in one of those verses I sent you that one time it talks about praying with the right motives and if you do, God will give you the desires of your heart. And I truly believe that if you continue to pray for your youth group God will keep kids coming and do an amazing work in their lives! I'll keep praying for you and your youth group!

scott said...

Hey, Thanks! You Rock!!!