Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Catch up....

Man It has gotten cold fast. Yesterday it snowed a bit and tonight it is 32 out. brr. I guess winter will be here soon. Only 29 days till Thanksgiving, and 57 days till Christmas! I love this time of year.

So over the past few months I have had head aches, and could not figure out why. A friend told me he had the same thing so he went to the eye doctor, and found out he needed glasses. I had not had my eyes checked since grade school, but I had 20/20 vision then. I see fine....so I thought. Found out today I'm near-sited. Boo....so I now have glasses, but the doctor said it would take care of my head aches. He said my eyes where just a bit off, but enough to cause my eyes to strain. So praise God I found out why my head hurt all the time.



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Amandaya2112 said...

I know! I love this time of year...mmmm like all the bonfires, smell of leaves burning, the cold(well not so much the wind), love it! And can't wait til Christmas! woooohoooo =) I love your glasses Scott Wright!! Even tho they're real this time =)