Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Retreat Recap

WOW....God never ceases to amaze me.

Im at such a loss for words right now. The past weekend was our fall retreat, going into it I knew God was going to do something good in the life's of our students. And He did.

Saturday night, I preached on commitment. I asked the students to be honest and write down the biggest things they struggle with. I then wrote them down on the white board and it really it home when we all looked at the board and saw that the issues on there we not made up but were real issues of everyone in the room.

At the alter I told them, they could leave there trials here. I could tell they really wanted to be real with God as the cried out to Him.

I felt led to ask if anyone want to be filled with the Holy Ghost. 10 came up we began to pray for them, and by the end of the night all 10 had received the Baptism!

God is doing amazing things in our youth group, and in our church. Im so excited for what GOD is got in store for the future.

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